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Are you looking for a reliable plumber for Scottdale, PA? Do you need someone to handle your plumbing installation, to fix leaks, replace old pipes, or carry out routine checks and maintenance? If this describes you, reach out to Chipps Residential Service LLC. Call us today at (724) 366-8046.

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We Can Service Most Plumbing Systems and Much More

Our technicians have undergone proper training and received all requisite state certifications. Chipps Residential Service LLC tackles both residential and commercial repairs, new plumbing system installations, and upgrades. We have a team that carries out video inspection and cleaning of sewer drain lines. Chipps Residential Service LLC also provides other home and residential property maintenance services. Whether you need a heating contractor, air conditioning contractor, or electrical contractor, we can send a professional your way.

Scottdale, PA, Trusts Our Team for the Best Service

Our team will respond as quickly as possible to your home or office in Scottsdale, PA, as well as Uniontown and beyond. We have streamlined our field team services to minimize your wait time whenever you request work. We train our technicians to carry out the highest quality of work to ensure first-time fixes. During the visit, technicians will always conduct a check of your entire plumbing system for any undetected problems.

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Whatever plumbing issue you may experience, do not wait too long without fixing it. Even a small leak could cause thousands of dollars of damage to your floor or walls. Reach out to our team for a free estimate today. Our gas line experts are D.O.T. certified for your construction and repair needs.

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